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Flexible Bronchoscopy is an important procedure for evaluating the pediatric airway, vocal cords, trachea, bronchi and bronchioles. While your child is under sedation, a flexible bronchoscope

Pediatric Bronchoscopy is indicated for a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. These range from the common (e.g. assessment of airway obstruction) to the rare (e.g. laser removal of tumours and the insertion of tracheal stents). Relative to the adult, the infant's tongue is large and the epiglottis is longer and narrower and angled more posteriorly. Infants are obligatory nasal breathers until 5 months of age and ex-premature infants have an increased tendency to apnoea if <60 weeks post-conceptual age. The larynx is softer, higher, and more easily displaced. In contrast with adults, the narrowest part of the upper airway in paediatric patients is the cricoid ring. The cricothyroid membrane is relatively short, making needle cricothyroidotomy more difficult.

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Dr. Puja Dhupar

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