Parenting During Pandemic

Mother And Child Wear Mask

Parenting During Pandemic-The Do’s To Keep Your Little One On Toes

While COVID-19 is typically benign and gentle with children, there is not a shred of doubt that the pandemic will have a long-lasting impact on our society’s youngest members. With schools closed and social distancing in place, it will be only fair to say that children are missing out on opportunities for development. Not being in groups and zero social interactions have definitely taken our children aback, and the jolt is pretty visible. And by the way, it is not only the delay in social skills which is a cause of worry for a child’s development. Many parents are undergoing financial stress too, causing children to face higher rates of housing and food insecurity. Not to forget, there might be some that would be subject to rising rates to neglect or even household dysfunction. All this is a cause of worry which will end up affecting the child’s trajectory into adulthood. .

So How Do We Overcome It?

This is one question we need to keep asking ourselves. As they say that better late than never, but better never late. This is the time we need to dig deep into the issues and come out with solutions that will help our children grow the way they should be growing.

Need To Address The Child’s Fear

Let them also face the fact. Answer questions to the pandemic honestly. Talk to your children about some frightening news they hear, and don’t let them keep it in their subconsciousness. Keep telling them the importance of handwashing, masks, and staying at home.

Keep In Touch With Loved Ones

Your children may be worried about a grandparent who is living alone or a relative or even a friend. Let your children connect to them occasionally. In the age of digitalization, video calling has indeed brought us closer to people staying far-off, especially when we cannot visit them.

Offer Extra Hugs

Tell them I love you more often. That warm cuddle will surely go a long way in making them feel safe.

Structure The Day Well

With the usual routine gone out of the window, you have to establish new schedules. Follow a conditioned wake-up routine, breakfast followed by some active play, and let the day take a shape that satisfies your child’s imagination and skill.

Creative Play

Let your children do something creative every day. It will surely open up their imagination to no end.

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